Accepted Papers

Research Track:

FSMEC: A Feature Selection Method based on the Minimum Spanning Tree and Evolutionary Computation
Amer Abu Zaher, Regina Berretta, Ahmed Shamsul Arefin and Pablo Moscato

Mining Productive Emerging Patterns and Their Application in Trend Prediction
Vincent Mwintieru Nofong

Detection of Structural Changes in Data Streams
Ross Callister, Mihai Lazarescu and Duc-Son Pham

Multiple Imputation on Partitioned Datasets
Michael Furner and Md Zahidul Islam

Particle Swarm Optimisation for Feature Selection: A Size-Controlled Approach
Bing Xue and Mengjie Zhang

Complement Random Forest
Md Nasim Adnan and Zahid Islam

Aspect-Based Opinion Mining from Product Reviews Using Conditional Random Fields
Amani Samha, Yuefeng Li and Jinglan Zhang

On Ranking Nodes using kNN Graphs, Shortest-paths and GPUs
Ahmed Shamsul Arefin, Regina Berretta and Pablo Moscato

Link Prediction and Topological Feature Importance in Social Networks
Stephan Curiskis, Thomas Osborn and Paul Kennedy

AWST: A Novel Attribute Weight Selection Technique for Data Clustering
Md Anisur Rahman and Md Zahidul Islam

Genetic Programming Using Two Blocks To Extract Edge Features
Wenlong Fu, Mengjie Zhang and Mark Johnston

Designing a knowledge-based schema matching system for schema mapping
Sarawat Anam and Byeong Ho Kang

A Differentially Private Decision Forest
Sam Fletcher and Md Zahidul Islam

Industry Track

Improving Bridge Deterioration Modelling Using Rainfall Data from the Bureau of Meteorology
Qing Huang, Kok-Leong Ong and Damminda Alahakoon

An Industrial Application of Rotation Forest: Transformer Health Diagnosis
Tamilalagan Natarajan, Duc-Son Pham and Mihai Lazarescu

Non-Invasive Attributes Significance in the Risk Evaluation of Heart Disease Using Decision Tree Analysis
Mai Shouman and Tim Turner

An Improved SMO Algorithm for Credit Risk Evaluation
Jue Wang, Aiguo Lu and Xuemei Jiang